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  • Crochet baby bunny, the perfect blanket for your baby or child, for their first photo shoot or birth gift. Maintenance: I use a mercerized cotton thread with a very beautiful natural luster. Mercerization gives the fiber a brilliant color and helps it better withstand multiple washes. Washable at 30 degrees / do not tumble dry. Size: The size is approx. 23/25 cm. Color and Eyes: Inform me when ordering. Eyes: The eyes are embroidered closed or open, you can also choose "safety-eyes" (small plastic balls with a fixation inside - even if they are firmly fixed, it is not recommended for children in under 3 years old!). Padding: The anti-fire Polyester padding fiber complies with CE N 1907/2006 safety standards. The rabbit is carefully packaged in a pretty kraft paper bag and sent by colissimo. The perfect gift that makes everyone happy! *** ON ORDER *** THANKS for your visit! Follow me on Instagram: or on Facebook: Also visit my magic rabbit: / listing / 469890110 / crochet-baby-bunny-shinyamigurumi? ref = listing-shop-header-0

    Adorable GOLDIE bunny cuddly amigurumi cotton for baby, as a birthday gift

    PriceFrom €44.00
    • Adorable cuddly GOLDIE bunny in crochet cotton for baby

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