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  • Crochet baby GOLDIE bunny with its "collar" and its teething ring, the perfect gift for your baby, for his first photo shoot or birth gift. Maintenance: I use a mercerized cotton thread with a very beautiful natural luster. Mercerization gives the fiber a brilliant color and helps it better withstand multiple washes. Washable at 30 degrees / do not tumble dry. Rabbit Size: The size is approx. 25/26 cm. Teething ring: size 70 mm, in natural organic wood (beech) These rings have been tested and meet European safety standards according to EN 71-1, EN 71-3, from PEFC and FSC forests. You can apply your own oil. Remember to check first and make sure it is safe (allergies) before you apply it. hand wash and air dry. Color of the rabbit and collar: If you want your favorite color, please contact me. (See color chart) If you want an embroidered name, please contact me. Eyes: The eyes are embroidered closed or open, you can also choose "safety-eyes" (small plastic balls with a fixation inside - even if they are firmly fixed, it is not recommended for children in under 3 years old!). Padding: The anti-fire Polyester padding fiber complies with CE N 1907/2006 safety standards. The rabbit and the ring are carefully packed in a pretty kraft paper bag and sent by colissimo (France). The perfect gift that makes everyone happy! *** ON ORDER *** THANKS for your visit! Follow me on Instagram: or on Facebook: Also visit my magic bunny: / listing / 469890110 / crochet-baby-bunny-shinyamigurumi? ref = listing-shop-header-0

    Adorable GOLDIE bunny with its collar and teething ring, cotton amigurumi

    SKU: Goldie
    • Adorable GOLDIE bunny with its collar and teething ring | Etsy
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