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Welcome to UnePelotedeLaine!

Hello, my name is Ursula and I am the founder and Designer of UnePelotedeLaine, the "little world" in crochet.

Crochet became my passion, and nothing stopped me. Cuddly monsters and toys, soft dolls and crocheted animals determine my life.

As far back as I can remember, I have always seen my grandmother knitting and crocheting. At that time I was already helping him by spinning the wool of his angora rabbits with a spindle and a spinning wheel.


These beautiful childhood memories and my passion are the reasons

For which I create special soft toys, individual and durable characters and animals for children.


Each animal is crocheted with a lot of love and investment.

I only use cotton because the little ones tend to put everything in their mouths and cotton doesn't fluff like synthetic fibers or wool.


This cotton is extremely strong and durable and gives it a beautiful shine and dimensional stability.

The soft toys are stuffed with fireproof and hypoallergenic material.


Often copied - but never equaled!

Only the original has a label sewn onto the item which is made of SnapPap - this label is washable and tear-proof, stiff like leather but flexible and much less polluting. it is hardwearing and will not pilling with washes. (100% vegan )


All the brand's items are produced entirely by craftsmen in France.


By purchasing UnePelotedeLaine brand products, you are contributing to the sustainability of French Craftsmanship.

@UnePelotedeLaine, brand, patterns and products are registered and protected by @copyright. All copies will be reported !

Since 2015 I’m on  ETSY  but  finally I have my own shop now   ;-)

Love from France,


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